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Broadband 4 Brinscall


What is Broadband?

Broadband is another term for a fast Internet connection. There are a number of ways in obtaining broadband but currently the cheapest for the consumer is an Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL). It is a special telephone line which lets you use the Internet at a much higher speed than the usual 56k modem (roughly 10 times faster than a 56k modem). The service makes use of your existing telephone line. It splits the signal into two channels, one for your voice communications and the other for the high speed data connection. This means that you can use your telephone to make voice calls, whilst surfing the internet at a lightning speeds.

Why do we want it?

For no charges other than a 20.99 monthly connection fee, ADSL provides an always on (24/7) Internet connection with lightning fast downloads of websites, email, streaming video and anything else you desire from the Internet. Local schools and businesses will benefit from significately reduced costs of connecting multiple PCs to the Internet. No more need for leased lines or costly ISDN connections.

Why can't Brinscall and the surrounding villages get it right now?

In order for anyone in Abbey Village, Brinscall, Higher Wheelton, Wheelton, Withnell and Withnell Fold to receive ADSL, British Telecom has first to upgrade the local exchange sited off Railway Road Brinscall. Currently in our area Chorley and even White Coppice have ADSL but Brinscall has been overlooked for this upgrade for the past two years. British Telecom is currently reviewing 500 exchanges for the next batch of upgrades at the end of June This is were you can help.......

How can you help?

The point of this leaflet is to help empower the community to persuede British Telecom to upgrade the exchange. If you wish to help to achieve this, please visit the accompanying website:- or click the link below and take the online poll. If enough people show interest then we have a valid case to move to the next level and start lobbying BT, our local MP and Councillors. With any luck Brinscall and the surrounding villages will finally be able to join the 21st Century! I am a local resident and have lived in Brinscall for 28 years.

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